Friday, September 08, 2006

Can the Deaf Read English?

In forums people post requests: "Anybody got..." and it's almost always a very in-print album, a new release, or even a mid-price item such as a back-catalog Bob Dylan or Tom Petty album already heavily discounted in any store and easy to find used!

This is obviously not about "sharing" at all. It's about never having to buy any album ever.

It is a CHEAP CONSPIRACY TO CHEAT MUSICIANS BY GIVING IT ALL AWAY FREE. No blogger who posts new albums, mid-price albums, or whole discographies can call it anything else.

Here is Steve Harley:

"You can't steal a live performance. If you go to see your favourite artists you buy a ticket, it can be £5 or £25 - but you pay for it. You can't steal a seat in a theatre. The reason you pay is because there are a lot of people working there that have to be paid - they've got kids to feed and bills to pay.

So don't steal the records either. It's not just the people on the road that matter most to me, because I spend so much of my time playing live shows. If there's half a million people plus who work in the music industry in Europe - their jobs are at stake. No money into the record companies - no money to produce records with. No engineers, no tape ops, studios out of work, studios close down - end of the music world as we know it.

And the end of the possibility for young people to come in to it and be creative. They'll be no money to support them, to sponsor them - the money won't be available.

We have to pay for our pleasures in life."

Repeat that last line:


Not something a cheap and selfish blogger wants to read. Or maybe, the blogger just can't read.

Steve is quoted on this website:

My guess is part of the problem is that the bloggers truly can't read or understand English! All of the worst offenders are from foreign countries and can barely write a coherent sentence.

How do you support music? YOU BUY IT.