Wednesday, April 01, 2009

The Fools

It's April Fool's Day.

This is the perfect day to give you the "profile" of the average "got to post it all" blogger. You've wondered who would do such a thing...take every artist's box sets, discographies, brand new releases, and throw them all over a forum or blog.

The person is obviously somebody with no mind or feelings. The person is also a loser. Only a loser would do such a thing. A winner would have the money to buy the music. A winner would not have time to make up a moronic Halloween name and spends hours and hours "upping" files and monitoring comments and double-checking if any link was removed so it could be "re-upped" out of spite.

The fool who does this is rarely somebody with a family or friends. He looks to comments instead, where he's elevated into somebody important...the exact opposite of who he is in reality. In other words, the fool is both a loser and a loner.

Checking up on these fools, one also finds that they tend to be in the most obscure, God-forsaken armpits of the world. The most avid of them, the ones who post entire discographies of American black performers, or United Kingdom progressive rockers, are in some second rate country nobody cares about, with music nobody is interested in hearing. So they exploit the American and British artists instead, sometimes adopting the lingo of the countries they desperately wish they lived in.

Lastly, these fools have little education and no concept of what being a responsible adult is all about. In the countries that favor a Capitalist society and approve of copyright...America, the United Kingdom, Japan, etc., the idea is that you do a job and get paid for it. This is what makes the economy strong, and what makes people happy. Certainly, the artists who are being ripped off, are not happy about it, otherwise they'd leave joyous comments for the fools: "Thank you for giving away my entire discography..."

The sad thing about the fools...the anti-social loners and losers with those Halloween names that reference murderers, devils, demons, the lawless and the that their greed and stupidity is killing off what they supposedly love the most: entertainment. There will be less and less of it. Every day is becoming April Fool's Day, just as, no coincidence, every day we read about economic collapse, bankruptcy, closed stores, and artists unable to get a deal or make a living.

Is this so surprising? The fools who pollute our water, infest our land, and start wars, are having their way, too. It's about ego, control, power, hate, greed, and being a selfish stupid fool.